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What is the solution to all the sin that we all know about in all religious churches (cults)?

It certainly is not more damage-control, media-centered, Church defending "PR".

For the year 2008 with all of our enlightenment and education: religion is not the answer. And neither is government.

Thanks for dropping in, Todd. Since the FLDS kids were hauled off to detention in Baptist buses [see this story] you actually have a dog in this fight. Let's hope the Baptist role in this whole charade is purely incidental.

Thanks for pointing me to this article, Dave.

If the government was separating families, if allowed, I would want to be involved in providing love, warmth, and shelter to the children (and not sit back twiddling my thumbs).

If the government arrested me, I would want my precious children to stay temporarily with some of my dear LDS neighbors rather than being held in some government holding cell.


And you bet, I would not be afraid to speak the name, Jesus Christ, to those FLDS fathers and young mothers.

Jesus Christ is the very one for all of us to hang all our hopes upon during heartache.

Sovereign YHWH will break down all barriers. We studied that this past Wednesday night (Isaiah 49:22-23). He says, "for they shall not be ashamed that wait for me."

Todd, do you think the name Jesus Christ would be foreign to FLDS mothers and fathers?

Have you read the Book of Mormon yet?

At any rate, ironically, I have gone on record elsewhere saying that the FLDS children would actually be better off if they converted to the Baptist sect of creedal Christianity (assuming of course that their mothers converted with them) than remaining members of the FLDS.

But that is an entirely separate issue of whether the government of the State of Texas can take the actions that it took for the reasons that it took. Ms. Voss has now testified in court that the reason the Texas CPS took the children away from the ranch after the investigation on April 3 was because the FLDS have a belief system that makes male children perpetrators in the future and female children victims in the future.

I've been reading the hundreds of comments from outraged citizens at:

Also, I've seen the video of Texas Foster Care system horrors at:

Whew! What a situation!

Going by the various live-blogging of the court hearings I don't think Voss came off well at all. The psychiatrist came off much, much better.

Yeah, except when he said he got most of his info about the FLDS from the media. And when he implied there was something sinister about wanting to have large families. And when he suggested that there was something wrong with the kids not being 100% inclined to cooperate with him -- seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was an agent of the Texas authorities that had removed them from their homes, separated them from their parents, and had held them in detention for days or weeks, and that whatever they told him would likely assist those authorities in their apparent plan to farm out all 416 kids to foster care. I think the kids are smarter than the psychiatrist -- at least they seem to know what's really going on.

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