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Unless the title says something about the eerie canal. (With the exception of an "eerie" post about said canal.)

PS- How on earth did you not note my "Implicit Confidence in God: Part 5"?

Part FIVE, for Pete's sake, Dave.

Ah, Dave. Free advertising overcomes the revelation of the mediocrity of my writing. Besides, anyone familiar with me knew about that anyway.

haha! yea! true! but hey dave i join you in mybloglog. and you forgot to mention my post "My Other Girl."

LOL, thanks for the reference. I like to make my blog title interesting, otherwise no one will read them.

However, it hasn't made me rich. I've earned 4 whole dollars on Google AdSense, so I'm not about to retire.

Perhaps you should write a how-to guide on creating clever blog post titles.

Dave: Are you ever coming back?

Yes, I'm still around. Real life and T&S have been siphoning off my regularly scheduled blog time for the moment.

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