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Yes, this is a slightly reformatted Bloggernacle Minute post. By focusing on one post I'm thinking a bit more discussion might follow.

I still must know -- who are Natalie's students? Where does she teach?

(And yes, I do suspect they are special ed. students if you were wondering...)

No, Geoff. Special-ed students tend to be more good-natured about things. Don't insult the special-ed students.

The post and comments were disheartening for many reasons. I think it will take a lot more than a Public Relations campaign to overcome bigotry and prejudice, and let's please call it like it is. "Mormons as monsters" is as bad as "Jews as monsters" or "Muslims as monsters."

I keep asking myself, if Natalie's students had presented her with "Jews as monsters" would there be more universal outrage? I think so.

Do we need our own Anti-defamation League?

Hi Dave,

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