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Another good reason to be skeptical about pushing an "LDS-Evangelical dialogue."

Others thoughts ARE our OWN thoughts, only put into better and more concise terms. I am glad this is seeming to tear the bloggernacle apart. Perhaps it will scare the more liberal elements into finally understanding they don't belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and belong to, well, something else. I am not and have never been afraid to say that. I know where I stand. I know where G-d stands. I know where the leadership of G-d's Church stands as revealed by G-d. Who knew that with one issue the light and the dark could so easily be discovered.

So God stands for comment spam and online rudeness? I'm not opposed to people sharing their opinion on Prop 8 or SSM in comments to a blog post on that topic, but abusing a forum by posting campaign literature or lengthy canned scripts in the comments is not an exercise in righteousness, it's a display of rudeness. I hope it doesn't become a regular practice.

Why is Jettboy afraid to type the word God?

Hey Jettboy,

"When you get to heaven
you'll see faces that will be a surprise to you
but keep it very quiet
do not even stare
most likely there will be people
surprised to see YOU there."

"Why is Jettboy afraid to type the word God?"

Out of respect for Him learned from my Jewish friends.

"I hope it doesn't become a regular practice."

I have really enjoyed your posts Dave, but this is already a regular practice. Maybe not in the blogs your familiar with, but they are in many other places.

Jett, the practice I'm alluding to would be the regular posting of long, canned comments on blogs, not commenting for or against the topic by any particular blogger -- I just want to make sure you didn't misunderstand my reference. I don't know of that happening much before at B'nacle blogs -- maybe it is standard practice elsewhere.

Dave, I know what you meant. I don't think I have ever done that myself, other than long quotes that I then comment on. Although it isn't standard practice within individual posts, it is standard practice to have one or two that show up in longer posts. The more popular the blogs, the more they show up - from the political left and right.

What I think is that you miss the reasons people do this outside of the "spam" designation. It isn't about not thinking. Rather, it is about articles of faith. They are making a statement as represented by lengthy dictum from another source. I don't blame you for not liking it, but I think your accusations of motivation are wrong. Not that there aren't spambots out there that I detest; even ones I agree with. However, in this case it isn't thoughtless spam. It is recognition of ideas that are similar to saying "read this 'link' of interest," only without the link.

Welcome to the future of blogging, maybe.

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