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The people demand more Steve, Dave.

Slow news day? Blogging is the latest thing, haven't you heard? Elder Ballard mentioned it and everything. BCC is the CougarEat of the interwebs now.

The "anecdotes and short stories" bit was pretty funny. I've heard lots of descriptions of BCC, but never that one.

I'm guessing thousands of interested BYU students will flock to BCC today to check out its latest anecdotes and short stories.
There goes the neighborhood!

I need to say thank you for bringing to my attention some great articles lately. The Richard Mouw article you provided the link to was great. I also appreciated you posting this. I love the quote: ""In my experience, the best defense of Mormonism is to be found in ordinary people leading exemplary lives, showing the world that being LDS is a real source of joy". With so much hatred and confusion being spread about "what Mormons REALLY believe", this was a breath of fresh air.

Comments from a few thousand BYU students could not fail to improve the discussion at BCC.

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