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I think it is important to note that BY didn't just join any old Methodist group; but he join the Reformed Methodists, who were fairly enthusiastic and broke with the Methodist Episcopal Church for more congregation autonomy.

Upon reading the second paragraph, I was drafting a comment in my mind. It read, almost word for word, as J's comment does. Reformed Methodism's nature seems crucial in BY's early religious development and his later reception of Mormonism.

". . . but everyone loves Brigham."

So true. I wrote something you can read if interested (link) about my experience learning of Joseph Smith from library books about Brigham Young that I can across due to a boyhood interest in pioneering of the West. "'Hold on!' thought the eight-year-old me. The great Brigham Young, leader of tens of thousands of pioneers who had created scores of towns and outposts, I knew about. Who was this Joseph Smith that Brigham served and admired so?"

When I first joined the Church, I hated Brigham Young. It took a long time to get over. I blamed him for everything wrong with the Church and it was a trial to me to understand why he was the prophet after Joseph Smith. I later did come to appreciate him, but he still has many scars sadly, from Adam God, and Blacks and the Priesthood, and Polygamy, etc.

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