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When I was younger it seemed that most chapels had brown signs out front with gold lettering showing meeting times and a clear "Visitors Welcome" message.

Now that I think about it, none of the 3 buildings in my current (suburban CA) stake, 2 of which were built or refurbished in the last 15 years, have the Visitors Welcome signs, opting instead for gold lettering of the name of the church on the side of the building itself. Am I wrong, or have the Visitors Welcome and meeting time signs disappeared?

In our neighborhood we just dedicated a new chapel two weeks ago. It is as generic as you could possibly hope for. While there is a steeple, and the walls are hung with religious art prints, it most resembles a school environment. Most of the rooms are obviously designed with teaching in mind.

The biggest problem with welcoming visitors to Mormon worship services is that it is darn-near impossible for an outsider to figure when the meetings start.

I went out of state for a law school competition about 4 years back. I wanted to attend sacrament meeting while at the competition. But calling in the phonebook produced absolutely zero information for when the meetings were being held. I got some addresses for the buildings, but that was it. Nothing else.

By contrast, if I call the other denominations in my area, I get a real live person on the other end who will give me the information I want.

If the Church really wants to welcome visitors, it might start by hiring a receptionist or two. Or by posting meeting times on the front doors.

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