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Great, mixing priestcraft with politics.

Great, mixing priestcraft with politics.

This statement is Mormon bigotry at Evangelicals at its worst.

To accuse Rick Warren of being in Christian ministry "for the money" is judgmental without warrant. A fact that he never advertises is that after his book became a best seller, he donated back to the church all of the salary money they had every paid him. He devotes a large amounts of his and his church's money and energy into Rwandan poverty and the HIV crisis.

If you'd like to criticize him for making money off of book sales, then you need to point that same critique at James Talmage, Bruce McConckie, Gordon Hinckley and every other Mormon GA who has ever sold a book with their own name branded across the cover.

Criticizing Evangelicals for getting into the political atmosphere rings hollow as LDS Stake Presidents go door to door telling members how much they should be contributing to CA Proposition 8.

Who said anything about his book or how much money he makes? Who knows, maybe he's perfectly pure in heart. But the fact that he's enough of a power player to be hosting this debate is a good indicator that he's a part of the parasitic elite that feeds off the masses. I'm just as suspicious of good old Mitt and his millions. Whether it's for money or recognition, the right rev. is still playing a bizarre role in this election in our supposedly secularish state. Gee, I wonder why they're not having this debate at some neighborhood church where the pastor spends his days teaching kids how to read and trying to keep them out of gangs...oh, yeah, those guys don't have time for interviews on the Factor...and most of them probably have the wrong color skin anyway.

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