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The more interesting parallel to Alma 41 is Swedenborg. Not that I think JS copied it from Swedenborg in the least. There are structurally only so many ideas out there so you'll always be able to find parallels, depending upon how close you want the parallels to be.

(See this post of mine for some interesting parallels I noted)

Personally, I think that if Mormons could manage to re-orient themselves, they'd find just as much fertile ground for allies and fans among New-Agers as they would among conservative Protestants.

You might be interested in the story of this particular Wiccan who seems to have found a place in Mormonism:


John Morehead over at Morehead's Musings makes the interface between Evangelicals and Mormons and Evangelicals and Pagans a regular focus of his blog. A while back, he interviewed Pagan observer Doe Daughtrey about the rise of "Morwics" on the Wasatch Front - Mormons (usually women) who turn to New Age, Wiccan, or Pagan forms of spiritualism as a way to supplement (and sometimes replace) their more familiar forms of Mormon worship. The interview can be found here:

The Mormon, Neo-Pagan and New Spirituality Synthesis

Morehead is usually well worth reading and this interview was particularly interesting.

I agree with Seth R., New-Agers would be fertile ground if Mormons could re-orient themselves.

My experience with a few New-Agers suggests a fascination with the process of communicating with spirits. Mormons on the other hand are often fasinated by the content of revelation recevied by the Spirit. The visual image I have is of two people standing back to back, looking in opposite directions. Both are saying "I just don't get it!"

Btw, Pagan and Wiccan ceremonies appeal to their dead ancestors for power. Turning the hearts of the children to their fathers?

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