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How many people read that feature? A lot, apparently -- I get nearly a thousand more hits on the days when she includes a link to Keepa.

Wow. That's a lot Ardis. I'm surprised it's that popular.

A thousand, Ardis!? When she links to me I usually get about 70 extra hits or so.

I usually see a little boost in traffic, but it's not that much.

Depends how you count. Remember that hits does not equal visitors. From what I have seen a link typically brings in about a hundred people.

Well, page views, then (but not server requests, which is about 4 times higher a number). Maybe visitors who come from a link prowl around and read more pages. But I'm averaging about 1,000 hits/visitors/page views/whatever it is per day, and last week when she linked to my "Administering the Sacrament" post I had over 1,900. I didn't notice any links to Keepa anywhere else that day, so I don't know how else to account for it.

I read it every once in awhile, especially when you call my attention to it. It's nice to get a short "highlight" about a post before you guess if the title alone warrants clicking on it. Usually, however, I just check ldsblogs.org or whatever I've plugged into my google "reader".

I read the feature and occasionally follow-through on stuff that looks interesting (that I haven't already read via my blog aggregator).

I read her every day!

I read her twice a day!

It is regrettabe that the Bloggernacle is so dominated by the profane and ungodly. If there is a contest to be the most popular, the anti-mormon dissidents win. I don't know why, but it has been so almost from the inception of the internet.

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