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Yes, It looks like a beautiful structure. Here's to hoping the church will continue to provide more buildings in urban areas.

The towering steeple is controversial. But I love steeples.

Now it just needs a cross on top of steeple.

That would be glorious.

The towering steeple is controversial. But I love steeples.

Now, they just need to put a cross on top of the steeple. That would be glorious.

Sorry Dave for the duplicate. Hit your delete.

I got married in the Binney Street Church, the Boiler Factory mentioned in the article, so I'm really sad to see that one go, but they need the space and Kendall Square is an up and coming neighborhood, I'm glad they're doing it there. Also, the area is an old factory area/bricktown, so the building actually lends itself to its surroundings.

I have been complaining for months that they don't make church buildings large enough these days. I guess someone at church headquarters got wind of it ;) But seriously, there are 3 wards in my building and you can hardly move between classes. We have to have an overflow building for stake conference. Maybe it's time for a few "mega churches" or maybe we need to start building some regional tabernacles ... or at least wider hallways.

In Utah they build two double-chapel Stake buildings on the same lot.

"...the building will be smaller than many of the biotech company facilities being developed in the neighborhood."

I guess that's the trick to putting an LDS temple just about anywhere we want to: just check out the size of other buildings being developed in the neighborhood, and make sure ours isn't the biggest.

I'm guessing you'd have a fight with the neighbors even if you tried to build a temple in between a meat packing plant and a steel shop. Mormon temples are funny that way. How nice that we can unite neighbors so easily -- just propose a temple.

That building appears to be a step into the right direction. It will be interesting to see how the Brethren will continue to deal with family's changing economic conditions.

These days, Americans are working such long hours that even golf courses are going bankrupt for lack of customers. Surely, that must have consequences for a church that staffs its programs with amateur staff.

Declining buying power for many American families probably exacerbates these challenges.

May be, larger congregations are part of the answer.

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