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Reminds me of that old Jessee volume, My Dear Son: Letters of Brigham Young to His Sons. It's a fun book.

J., it's the same book, the first publication resulting from use of materials in the LDS Archives under Arrington's tenure as Church Historian (and thus the extended discussion of the book in Arrington's memoirs): Brigham Young's Letters to His Sons, Dean C. Jessee, ed., Deseret Book, 1974. The book contained 95 letters to 13 sons. Arrington's discussion also included part of a letter to a daughter-in-law, Clara Stenhouse Young, that was not in the Jessee book.

Arrington also discussed the critical reaction of some GAs to the book (which included the suggestion that future publications should be vetted by the Correlation Committee) as well as the supportive stance of both Elder Hunter and Elder McConkie, both assigned as advisors to the Church Historian. Recall that Elder Hunter served as Church Historian for the two years before Arrington was appointed.

Yep. The little bit about tobacco is great.

When I was on my mission I came across the book of letters to his sons. I wrote a letter to the Ensign asking why a Prophet would break the Word of Wisdom. To my delight The 1st Presidency responded surely President Kimball's touch and vitriol. We have no idea why President Young used tobacco you will have to wait until the next life and ask him yourself.

His actions are his own to account for.

Were truer words ever spoken ?

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