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It's time we Mormons throw in the towel on this one. We are not going to be accepted into the Christian club. Neither are the Jehovah's Witnesses, but I don't see them frothing at the mouth over it.

Bottom line is that we Mormons have a club of sorts too, it's called the temple. We take it so far as to prevent people from seeing their children get married if they are not card-toting members of our club.

We both have clubs and at rock bottom we both condemn the other club to hell (at least doctrinally, the person in the pew might have a different opinion). Let's all grow up and move on.

we both condemn the other club to hell

Yeah, but the Mormon hell is a pretty sweet gig.

Yes, I'm not really pushing for the fraternity to be forced to admit Mormons -- the right of free association includes the right to not associate, and should not be dismissed lightly. On the other hand, given that groups make choices as to who they admit, they live with the consequences, both good and ill.

Kudos to John Bundy for having the courage to reaching beyond the boundaries of his own community. Too bad, the Greeks did not reciprocate his tolerance but they are hurting themselves more than him.

I joined a dueling fraternity that is based on the tolerance principle. One of the best decisions of my life . . .

correction: to reach
Sorry for the poor grammar.

I sort of agree with Dave Clark. We do consider ourselves peculiar people - we shouldn't be too offended if others do, too.

And you could argue about Biblical theology till the cows come home and wouldn't get anywhere. Been there, done that.

We can perhaps join more open-minded people in community service.

Fraternal organizations are all about being exclusive. I would be proud to stay out of this one.

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