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Dave please check your facts. You say Sarah "Came in to office and has fired many of the state department heads and people who have been there forever. Pushed through a huge tax cut. And, cut state spending about 15%." First, she fired competent department heads to install her high school buddies. Her head of the Division of Agriculture lists "loving cows since I was a girl" as her big qualification for the job. Her director of economic development ran a Mailboxes etc franchise.
As to her big tax cut--we have no sales or income taxes in Alaska. That was a whopper. Finally, the budget has risen under Palin, not been cut. Enough said.

Steve -

I'm from Alaska, and I highly doubt you are.

If you are, well - your "rebuttal" is nothing more than standard lefty talking points that have already been disproven by better people than me.

I'm just leaving this comment so people who come by can know that there are Alaskans out there who actually like her.

It's amazing, given here 70-80% approval rating in Alaska, the media can't find anyone who actually likes her (and that all the drive by commentators who claim to be "from Alaska" also all think she's horrid).

Steve, I don't think you're quoting something I said.

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

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