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It does seem like a good idea. And I too would like to hear more about what the collaboration hopes to accomplish.

I was happy to receive an invitation from Stephen to have Segullah participate in this forum. My intent as a collaborator is to provide engaging material about Segullah's slice of the independent pubs' pie, and enjoy discussions with the other editors as well as the readers and writers who will (hopefully) join the circle.

Here are some of the things Stephen sees as possible posts for the blog:

Summaries of the articles in the current issues of our magazines.

Our editorials.

Reflections on the unique challenges, absurdities, and rewards of editing.

Observations about trends in Mormon writing and thought.

Articles on writing for our particular magazine.

Thoughts on the articles in each other’s magazines.

Contest announcements and calls for writing in a particular vein.

The basic idea is to gather as many editors from Mormon print journals and magazines as possible.

I’m not sure how much collaboration has gone on amongst editors of Mormon magazines up until this point, but it seems like the thing to do now that communication is so fast. All of us share a similar goal: to nurture good writing and good thinking in Mormonism. So we figure we might as well get a little synergy going and see if we can foster more Mormon writing to share with the world.

So far we have Dialogue, Irreantum, Segullah and Sunstone on board. We've sent out invitations to other print magazines as well. Hopefully they'll come join the fun.

One thing I am personally going to be putting up is a series of "how to" articles on writing personal essays and short stories, especially in a Mormon vein.

We're also planning to make the blog a portal for people to submit their writing to the various magazines.

And, of course, anything else that seems like it would be fun.


I would think a lot of bloggers would have suggestions to make. I have noticed how the journals have struggled a bit with how to focus their own websites and what sort of material to post, but the new site offers new possibilities.

A few ideas that come to mind quickly:

  • Q&A interaction with article authors.
  • Event announcements -- book signings, presentations, conferences.
  • Excerpts or selected reprints from the archives.

I'll chime in too and agree with everything Kathy and Stephen have said.

I'm hoping that a site like this will increase each magazine's visibility, encourage people to submit, and foster good conversation about magazine content. I also like how it encourages community among the different magazines' readerships. Should be fun!

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