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Joe is clearly and obviously a GOP guy based on his interviews. So much so that he is against Obama's plan even though it would reportedly be better for his own pocket book. (Sort of like lots of rich folks are for Obama's plan even though it would be worse for their pocket books I guess)

Geoff, possibly some people see a distinction between what Obama says would happen were he elected (95% of "workers" get a tax cut) and what the average voter suspects will actually happen.

Could be. When one is a dyed-in-the-wool partisan one can come up with innumerable reasons/excuses to not believe or vote for the enemy party candidates.

Dave, I would guess, indicated by Obama's consistent lead in polls over the last month and a half since the economy became the only issue in the presidential race, that "the average voter" suspects Obama's tax plan actually will benefit them and get the economy back on track.


I wouldn't be surprised if either candidate's tax plan fails to be implemented in any recognizable form. The campaign promises are just that. The promises will be quickly forgotten in the face of harsh reality.

The Obama-Biden tax calculator is nearly useless because it does not itemize the tax cut (increase) it reports by proposed revision to the tax code.

In addition, it is worth remembering that Bill Clinton promised middle class tax cuts in his 1992 campaign as well and they never materialized.

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