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I'm teaching Institute Tuesday night. If I have any students, I'll be listening to the radio on the way home. Otherwise, internet tracking throughout the day plus perhaps some NPR.

I will have just arrived in Arkansas to visit family. Is it rude to give hugs and go directly to the TV for the rest of the night?

I wouldn't want to sway anyone's choice so I'll keep my presidential vote secret until after the polls close Tuesday night.

Har! Niiiice.

I will be watching PBS with the internet up and running (Washington Post and Politico primarily).

I am hoping to have some friends over for light snacks and drink (I am actually nice in real life).

I'll be so glad when this (expletive deleted) thing is over.

I'll be checking various websites throughout the day (CNN, Salon's War Room, NYTimes, DMI), will listen to NRP on the drive home, and then will probably watch mostly NBC or ABC throughout the evening so that I can catch local results (I'm in Los Angeles), but will be doing a lot of channel surfing.

And I can't wait to find out who Dave voted for!

Internet during the day. Radio (NPR) on the way home from work. Internet, major networks, and PBS during the evening.

Can you believe my wife planned a primary program practice at our house at 7:30 MST?!? Can you believe it?!?

I scheduled a missionary lesson at my house tomorrow night at 8:00. When I realized what I had done, it didn't seem right to ask the investigator and missionaries to re-schedule, so I guess I'll be checking DMI on my Blackberry from time to time.

Well, I'm touched so many plan to swing by the 'ole DMI tomorrow night. I guess I'll have to liveblog something. People are either coming by for the informative discussion and comments ... or in anticipation of viewing an online version of the agony of defeat. Or both.

I think your friends just want to be with you at this difficult time, Dave.

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