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"Today is the day when all those "undecideds" can either break right or break left"

or vote third-party.

Here's a one-sentence restatement of Medved's paragraph.

Even giving away Iowa and New Mexico, McCain can get that magic 270 electoral votes and win IF:

  1. he wins Pennsylvania (which went to Kerry in 2004); AND
  2. he takes one of Virgina, Colorado, or Nevada (which all went to Bush in 2004); AND
  3. he wins Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Montana, and North Dakota (which all went to Bush in 2004).

Go ahead, throw your vote away!

Nice title, Dave.

Thanks, Todd. A good title goes a long way in this business.

Wishful thinking. It's over.

Third party people bug me. No offese, Nitsav.

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