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It doesn't really matter what any of the "national" polls say. We elect our Presidents on a state-by-state basis, via the Electoral College. From what I hear, when you look at it from that basis, it's almost a done deal for Obama.

I was hoping this post was going to be about monetary policy. Lots of instructive LDS experiences with that too...

campaign theme in 2012: "I have learned a lot about how to run the country the last four years"


campaign theme if Bush was running: "I have destroyed one of the most powerful economies on the planet, yet I have not learned anything: vote for me"

Oh wait... I guess that is McCain's campaign!


Hope springs eternal.

Yes, Victor, President Bush personally runs the economy of the United States.

No, that's Ben Bernanke (smile).

Where do you get the rumor that Obama wants Colin Powell as Secretary of State? I don't think other nations will look kindly on Powell after his debacle at the UN in Feb 2003.

No doubt Rashid Khalidi would be a much better choice.

Much better than Daniel Pipes.

Dan, the Colin Powell reference is not a rumor, it's just my pleasant thought for the day. The silver lining on the black cloud hovering overhead, as it were.

Well Dave,

In the spirit of Halloween, to help your nightmares out, let me say that the person most likely to be Obama's Secretary of State might just be John Kerry. Sleep tight. :)

The electoral college isn't tightening. But obviously the stomachs of all y'all dyed in the wool Republicans are tightening...

GOP, say hello to the Law of the Harvest.

The only thing the GOP (as a party) has done to deserve its likely fate in this election is spend too much time making themselves difficult to distinguish from Democrats.

The really amusing thing is that Democrats think that multiplying the GOP's recent excesses - as Democrats are wont to do - is going to make things better rather than worse.

The Zogby poll is error-prone and does not reflect the trend all the polls are showing.



"Yes, Victor, President Bush personally runs the economy of the United States."

Personally, he may not run anything, but the little he has had to do with it has certainly had a negative impact.

But keep telling yourself otherwise. Exonerate him all that you want. That's basically what you conservative extremists do. In a few years, I won't be surprised if you start telling people he didn't have anything to do with the Iraq War... keep on creating your little world of falsehoods.

Victor, you and ten thousand journalists must be the last people on Planet Earth who still believe in Hilary's "vast right-wing conspiracy." It is sort of an unscripted national idiocy test, and I'm afraid you're still failing it.

Here's a poll that shows the race tightening up. The Gallup daily poll for Sunday Nov. 2 (using data over the last four days) closed 2 points to an 8-point gap. I'm not grasping at straws, just reporting what I see. The real poll -- the only one that counts -- happens on Tuesday.

Let's hope the stock market moves one more time and we can all watch McCain wig out and lose it one more time. Great entertainment.

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