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Welcome back Dave. This site was missed.


So in sum what is your assessment of the beliefnet experience?

Matt, they give nice support to their bloggers and work hard to build traffic. But it's a different ball game than running a solo blog.

Welcome back.

Welcome back, Dave!

Welcome back, Dave.

Glad you're back.

Do you anticipate that your posts will change (e.g., length) now that you're "back in your own home"?

Hunter, I'm planning on longer posts and better comments.

Glad you're back. I like DMI.

This is good news! It just wasn't the same without you here at DMI.

I'm glad you're back, Dave.

Welcome home!

Happy you have returned, Dave.

Sweet. Even though you've been around, I've missed DMI.

Cool! I'm glad you're back home.


Nice to have you back here.

Hey, howdy.

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone.

...this site now sports
Great -- looking forward to your Cougar coverage

Welcome back, Dave - we've missed you.

Really, this is great. It's very good to have you back.

Seja bem vindos!!!

Welcome back!

It is those mountains that make me feel right at home.

Good choice Dave.

Dave, a note to let you know that mormoninquiry.com (without the www) goes to a Godaddy parked page. Might need a redirect there.

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