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Great recap, Dave.

Excellent post! Thanks. I was moved by Elder Holland's speech, and took it as eloquent testimony of his belief in the divine origins of the Book of Mormon. I really hope people who are unsure what the balance is of human and divine content in the Book of Mormon won't feel his talk as rejection, or as a reason to distance themselves from the church.

Thank you, Dave. This is the talk I heard.

I'm not sure I agree with Elder Holland's correlation of Joseph and Hyrum not denying the book of mormon right before their deaths as a sign of the books truthfulness. I thought Joseph and Hyrum were in jail on charges of practicing polygamy more than his bringing forth the book of mormon? Wouldn't Joseph and Hyrum have denied polygamy at that moment? And not the book of mormon? I know they didn't deny anything, but his point seems a little off base to me.

Mike, the judge bound them over for trial and kept them in jail rather than releasing them to return to Nauvoo on a trumped-up treason charge. The conversations Elder Holland related to seem to have occurred, and the topic of those conversations was the Book of Mormon, not polygamy. So I think his point stands.

Do note that I described the point he made as lending support to Joseph's acount of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, not as a sign of its truthfulness, which sounds too much like proof.

Great perspectives. Thanks for providing the additional sources on those points.

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