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Well, concerning Maine and how NOM hasn't announced where it got its 1.1 Million dollars from, and how the wife of a Stake President is deeply involved in one of the main anti-1 groups, I disagree. Rather, Mormons are getting better at being under the radar; quite different than not being involved.

Thanks for the comment, djinn. The LDS Church made an express request for individual Mormons to actively support Prop 8, whereas no similar statement or request has been made for Maine. That is certainly "not taking an active role" in the Maine campaign. That some individual Mormons nevertheless participate (on both sides of the issue, one would imagine) is just what happens in a democracy.

Now, as for under the radar ... have you noticed how much out-of-state support has been mobilized to support gay marriage in Maine? And how this out-of-state participation just doesn't seem to be a problem when it supports the mainstream media's favored position?

Is Nate Silver mainstream now?


Chino, thanks for pointing out that more out-of-state money is flowing into the pro-gay marriage campaign in Maine than is flowing into the defense of traditional marriage campaign there. How appalling that out-of-staters would intrude in a state's election like this.

Let's hope Mainers aren't swayed by this flood of gay dollars and will make their own decision about how to define marraige in Maine. It's nice the Catholic Church in Maine is spearheading the traditional marriage campaign.

"Gay dollars" ... priceless.

Anyways, I guess you stopped reading after the first graf over at Nate's place. Because you'd surely never deliberately mischaracterize, would you?

Speaking of the Catholic church in Maine, where is the bishop these days? Or Marc Mutty? They're AWOL. Or haven't you been following along?

I knew you'd like the gay dollars reference, Chino.

The data presented in the article clearly and unambiguously show there is more out-of-state money flowing in supporting the gay marriage campaign than supporting traditional marriage. That is certainly not a mischaracterization.

From the article:

However, most of No on 1's advantage is based on its substantial edge in fundraising from within the state of Maine. No on 1 has raised $1.89 million from 3,766 unique contributors within the state, whereas Stand for Marriage Maine has raised just $677,000 from 422 contributors, putting it at nearly a 3:1 disadvantage. All told, No on 1 has raised 43 percent of its funds from within Maine, as compared with 26 percent for the Yes on 1 campaign.

Not to mention the title of the article:

Despite Claims, Anti-Gay Group in Maine More Dependent on Out-of-State Funds

Yes, Chino, and that is a deceptive headline because the data provided in the article clearly show that the gay marriage campaign has received more out-of-state funds than the traditional marriage campaign. Stop with the "yes, but ..." responses. You're just doing a quick shuffle to avoid the inconsistency of having criticized out-of-state money supporting Prop 8 in California (when it was such a terrible thing) but not criticizing out-of-state money when it supports gay marriage.

By the way, did you happen to catch this recently in the NY Times?


"One of the volunteers working phones at the Stand for Marriage Maine offices ... said she had decided to help after hearing about the campaign at her Mormon church.

The repeal effort has drawn a small number of volunteers from other states ... including a group of students from Brigham Young University ..."

If we're lucky, maybe one of the BYU activists will post something about their trip to Maine. Sounds like a great experience for a student.

Chino, have you read the essay at The Heritage Foundation documenting the slimy tactics engaged in by Prop 8 opponents?


Yes, but they forgot to mention Mark Janssen's shenanigans. I'm kind of disappointed that Heritage presented such a one-sided picture.


Chino, you'd also be interested in George Will's commentary on thuggish liberalism and the politics of intimidation.


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