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Yes! Napoleon Dynamite. Couldn't stand it (or him) for a good chunk of the first time through. The second run at it was gorgeous fun. Primer was also better the second time. This probably has something to do with my having little understanding of how it fit together until I'd digested it twice.

I'll have to agree with Napoleon Dynamite. The first time I watched it as a national movie and it fell flat with nothing making sense. The second time I watched it as a local Idaho film and it was much better as I laughed at the in-jokes. Still don't think its that great of a movie compared to, say, Farris Bueller's Day Off.

As for Star Trek, the makers intentionally made it flashy and fast paced because they were imitating Star War's style. I have the same problem with the Capt. James T. Kirk character. He came off flat and a little off from the original. They achieved fun and action, but at the cost of what Spock would call logic. I am one of those who likes the slower pace of even the original first movie because I like the characters for who they are and not just the lasers and explosions.

Maybe Star Trek belongs on a TV screen. I recently bought a set of Bonanza disks, and it feels like old Star Trek more than anything that's been produced in the 40 years since. The same kinds of photography and fighting stunts and acting. I would guess that 80% of the actors who showed up on the Enterprise also spent time around the Ponderosa.

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