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There are also BY bios forthcoming by John Turner, Tom Alexander, and Will Bagley. Alexander's is apparently a shorter bio based on secondary literature. I can only imagine what Bagley's will be like. John's is spectacular and will be the bio of choice. I doubt any of them will be out this year.

I'm looking forward to JSPP H1 this year, which includes not only the early Smith history, but also the Book of John Whitmer and the Corrill history.

Taysom has his book with Indiana UP forthcoming in the fall, which will be great.

Mark Staker's book looks extraordinary (hopefully in the next four weeks!).

"I'm a lot less concerned with comments..."

I had to make that my philosophy early on. I love it when people are interested enough to comment, but it's clear that most readers are lurkers. Moreover, I am usually a lurker on a dozen or so blogs, but I still appreciate them.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks, J. -- I forgot about the Staker book that everyone is drooling over: Hearken O Ye People: The Historical Setting for Joseph Smith's Ohio Revelations. Here's the author's website for the book:


Is Kofford the publisher? That's what Amazon reports, but the Kofford Books website (at least the one I found at http://www.koffordbooks.com) hasn't been updated in a while, so it's hard to tell what they are publishing at this point.

Dave: Kofford is the publisher. Here is their new website: http://www.gregkofford.com/

Okay, sincere question: Which one of these forthcoming Brigham Young bio's will be the equivalent of Bushman's "Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling"? Anyone?

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