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I vote for Dave.

Conan, by default, because I no longer like either of the others personally, and it's hard to laugh along with someone you can't trust.

I vote for Jimmy Fallon because his house band is the Roots.

Conan. Getting even is surely not the right thing to do, but it sure makes for entertaining tv.

I'm going for Jay. I don't find Dave that funny, and Conan is annoying in my book. Plus....I just love headlines on Monday night.

I used to like Dave, but now it's Conan. I'll never forget that old-timey baseball sequence.

I'll take Jon Stewart as a write-in.

I'm with Geoff, and go with Jon Stewart.

I just viewed Conan's farewell remarks on his last show. Very classy. I am considering changing my vote. Jay Leno is going to have some explaining to do. And it's hard to be funny while you're explaining to the audience why you are now in front of the camera and the classy guy isn't anymore.

I'm expecting Conan to be a guest on Late Night (Letterman's show) sometime soon ...

Conan, because he has Max Weinberg.

1. Jon Stewart, especially during major election years.
2. Conan
3. Letterman
4. Colbert
5. Craig Fergeson, who I've only seen a few times, but I really liked his show. He seems to actually listen to his guests. Honestly I'm too tired to watch it though.
6. Jimmy Kimmel
7. Jimmy Fallon. He's horrible during interviews. But I like his band, and he seems to latch onto funny memes pretty fast. Which can be good or bad.
8. Leno. He's really bad with interviews. Sometimes I can tell he's looking at the teleprompter (or cue cards) for the next question instead of actually listening. His best bits were things Letterman was doing when I was a kid. His monologues are more obvious than the other hosts and something about the main dude in his band drives me absolutely nuts, even more than Paul Schaffer.

Oh yeah, and I really got tired of his Mormon jokes during the SLC Olympics. I know all the hosts did it, but his were always the lamest. I like a good polygamist or WOW joke as much as anyone, but his were a whole other level of stupid.

I hope he fails. I know I won't be watching.

Ted Koppel--the last late night host I watched for more than 5 minutes.

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