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In honor of the new Maureen Whipple biography becoming available today, I'll say that the most memorable depiction of OP JR was in the great literary classic Giant Joshua. Definitely captures the tension of being an apostate while living in the Mormon-dominated Utah frontier.

I have the book and have read about 1/3 of it. Good so far. If you're interested, it's still in print and is available on Amazon, among other places.

I knew a descendent of this man. She told of the problems in their extended family and sorrowfully blamed them on this man's behavior. When a person leaves the church for whatever reason and thinks it affects only him/her that person is sadly mistaken. I have seen children who would have been so much better off had they been raised in the Church.

It is sad to me when people blame their worldly problems on the faith (or lack thereof) of someone in their extended family. You don't have to make them pariahs just because they don't believe the exact same way you do.

Not to mention there are PLENTY of children with "issues" who were raised in the church, and PLENTY of well-adjusted children who weren't raised in any church at all. Its so narrow-minded and judgmental to think you have the only path to righteousness.

It really has nothing to do with anything. But course, when you're an "apostate" everything gets blamed on you.

Pretty fascinating article - thanks for linking to it. I'm glad church leaders no longer teach ostracizing family members with different beliefs.

Orson's mother was involved in a sordid affair with John C Bennett and Joseph Smith Jr, while her husband (Orson snr.)was on a mission. She never forgave the church for the way she was treated and made life a misery for Orson and the children. Orson Snr. practiced polygamy so was able to move on. Her bitternes no doubt affected the children. This aspect of history is detailed at FAIR, in an article by Greg Smith.

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