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Are you a church-going, calling-accepting, tithe-paying Mormon (i.e, a practicing Mormon or an active Mormon)? If you are, few of your fellow active Mormons care whether you are TBM, TBML, HASM, or FPR — they just want to know whether you can come by on Saturday morning to help clean up the church building, and don't forget about the potluck next Friday. Mormonism isn't really that complicated.

Amen. That's me.

I think you are forgetting about the TR interview...

Just a note to say I'm glad to see you back in action. I've missed DMI.

Thanks, Randy. I updated the sidebars, cleansed the link lists, and added a few gadgets before I started posting again. I'm working on a Facebook page for DMI as well.

"orgy of confessional self-categorization"

Now that's a peculiar way to put it.

"Mormonism isn't really that complicated."

It really shouldn't be, but I am afraid it is...

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