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He does make the argument that the typological reading was present in the BOM using Abinadi's speech before the court of King Noah as the crux of his argument. I found that part to particularly compelling. I'm assuming you just don't find his support convincing enough but I don't think its fair to say "The problem with typological interpretation is that it is retrospective" when in fact he is actually trying to argue that the characters in the text are actually interpreting Isaiah differently. He also makes a pretty strong argument for it in the particular passages Jesus quotes in 3 Nephi about the various contentions although it's definitely not a slam dunk.

One thing I noticed when reading Spencer is that it really helps to read Miller too. Miller has some essays on the French idea of "Event" in his latest book. Can't say I can follow all of it perfectly but it did make more sense of some of Spencer's philosophical ideas regarding history and events.

Thanks for the comment, Carey. Miller's book is the next one in my queue.

It's not that I don't find his support convincing, it's that he didn't offer any support for the validity of typological interpretation in general. It certainly is a way of looking at the present (and one's place in it) in terms of the past (as presented in the scriptures or as represented by stories recounted in popular religious culture). Maybe a general discussion of that sort is coming in a future essay by the author.

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