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The new inclusions seem to me primarily intended to close the gap somewhat between the LDS and the Evangelicals. No harm done, I guess, but the harder we (or CES)try to close that gap, the more like the Evangelicals we become and the less we retain our "peculiar" LDS discourse and culture.

By the way, my last post required me to use an obsolete e-mail address, since it refused to accept the one that I have had for the past four years! If you want to know my current e-mail address, let me know, and I'll be glad to give it to you.

-- Armand

Yes, forward me your new email address, Armand.

The added scriptures are all Christ Centered and ones that I use as a missionary on a regular basis. These seem like some wise changes.

Most people on the street don't care about the difference theologically between mormons and evangelicals. They are lacking knowledge of the savior or lacking faith in him. These verses bear simple witnesses of the savior and have the power to bring the spirit immensely.

It's interesting to watch these change. Seems like it happens more often than other things, as I recall some shifting just 4-5 years ago.

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