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I'm sure that, in public at least, they'd prefer a sharp dressed man over a sharp undressed man, and very likely a sharp man over a dull man no matter his attire.

In part of the world, few no members own a suit, sport coat, or even a tie.
I know some new members and investigators have said they feel intimidated by members and leadership who dress very well. The world is much more casual than several decades ago.

Kind of ironic when you consider City Creek. It's not exactly a place full of the simple, budget friendly apparel the scriptures encourage.

Several decades ago we used to modify adjectives with adverbs--even when those adjectives were really participles. Nowadays people just don't give a damn.

I do not think plain dress or simple dress means clothes that are ragged or unwashed.

I think fine clothes are those that are fancy with lots of bling.

I think as long as we wear clean clothing that is not ragged or ill fitting it is appropriate.

Mark B, think different: Sharp dressed man.

No doubt you have gagged a time or two on "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," which suggests there is another Jesus Christ out there, Jesus Christ of Gentiles or something similar. I would prefer "The Church of the Latter-day Saints of Jesus Christ" (so Jesus Christ modifies Latter-day Saints rather than the other way around).

"They rob the poor because of their fine clothing." How about huge houses, expensive cars, ATVs, jet skis, RVs, etc.?

The costly apparel tale encourages one to buy on sale. A Black Friday deal is not a steal but facilitates buying a poor brother a meal.

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