May 28, 2007

The Utah War: Nine Conclusions

The Spring 2007 issue of Dialogue includes a 40-page article entitled "Loose in the Stacks: A Half-Century with the Utah War and Its Legacy," by William P. MacKinnon, a historian who has published several prior articles on the Utah War. The link is to an online version of the article posted at the Dialogue site, for those of you who aren't yet subscribers. This seems like an appropriate topic for a Memorial Day post (seeing I couldn't spin the three episodes of Band of Brothers I watched this morning into a DMI post). I'll start with one paragraph giving my own view of the new importance of the Utah War and Mountain Meadows, then summarize MacKinnon's nine summary conclusions about his lifelong research on the topic.

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Mar 22, 2007

More on the Utah War

I recently attended a presentation on the Utah War by historian David Bigler. For background on the Utah War of 1857-58, see my earlier post; this post will give a few of the interesting details in Bigler's presentation that adds to the basic story. He called it the United States' "First Civil War" (although it was the Mormons' third war). My notes are a little sketchy; for more complete coverage, see his book Forgotten Kingdom: The Mormon Theocracy in the American West, 1847-1896, a history of 19th-century Utah that (I'm told) doesn't pull any punches.

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Mar 20, 2007

The Utah War

I've got three posts lined up on the Utah War of 1857-58 and the unfortunate occurrence at Mountain Meadows. This post is a general overview that will be a set-up for the posts to follow. Here are two links that give excellent short essays on the Utah War: "The Utah War," an article by Richard D. Poll in the online Utah History Encyclopedia; and "Utah Expedition," also by Poll, from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism. A related article is "The LDS Reformation of 1856-57," by Paul H. Peterson, also from the Encyclopdia.

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Sep 23, 2006

Mountain Meadows Posts

Millennial Star posted a summary of remarks on the Mountain Meadows Massacre ("MM") by historian Thomas Alexander at this year's Leonard J. Arrington Lecture at the USU. Alexander's lecture (and the M-Star post) highlighted several investigations of MM conducted by LDS leaders themselves. Here are links to a few prior posts of interest related to Mountain Meadows:

  • Reflections on Mountain Meadows (comments on my own visit to the site, with links to readable images of two of the plaques erected at various memorials at the site).
  • Let the Past Be Reopened (comments by Justin summarizing twelve key points about MM made by historian Ron Walker at the MHA conference in May 2006. Walker is the author of the highly anticipated but ever-forthcoming book about MM).
  • Mountain Meadows in the Supreme Court (Nate Oman's notes on a 1914 US Supreme Court case brought by the estate of one of the victims of MM under the Indian Depredation Act of 1891).
  • Yauguts (Steve Evans juxtaposes the events of 9/11/2001 and 9/11/1857),

Did I miss any?

Sep 11, 2005

Reflections on Mountain Meadows

Today is September 11, 2005, now denoted "Patriot Day" on US calendars. On the same day 148 years ago, 120 men, women, and children died in Southern Utah. This unseemly confluence of synchronicity spurred a lengthy essay by Steve over at BCC. Some time ago I posted my own reflections on the topic at BCC, entitled A Visit to Mountain Meadows, based on my visit to the site in early 2004. Here are the last three paragraphs of my earlier post:

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